Chris Dreger VFX, Motion Graphics, Compositing, Teaching

Painting / VFX / Media Design / Motion Graphics / Compositing / Teaching


Chris Dreger is available for work in Video Production, Compositing, VFX, Motion Graphics, 2D and 3D After Effects Animation, beer and portrait Painting commissions, Stop Motion Animation, and in Education.


Chris holds a MFA in Painting from Boston University, and a BS in Interactive Media Design from The Art Institute of Portland.


Chris Dreger has, for the last 16 years worked in several commercial art branches, and his work has included: compositing and special effects for films, TV shows and commercial spots, illustration and design for print and web, technical presentations and animations for software and hardware products, educational multimedia applications for web and displays, and award-winning web advertisements.


He has taught commercial and fine art classes at The Art Institute of Portland, Portland Community College, and Clackamas Community College, including Advanced Compositing and Effects, Stop Motion Animation, Drawing and Painting, Figure construction, Graphic Design, Digital Photography, Motion Graphics, and 2D animation.


Below are examples of my design, branding, and logo work.


Seal Design

The Art Institute of Portland, Portland OR


Branding, Logo Design

The Goetz Law Firm, San Diego CA


Logo Design, Branding, Website & Graphic Design

Orange Interactive, NYC


Web Design, Animated Logo Design, Branding, NYC



>, NYC


Branding Logo

Oregon Motorcycle Attorney, Portland, OR

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Please find my below links to social media, my Clackamas Community College Stop Motion website and Twitter feed as well as my Beer Paintings gallery website and beer painting Twitter feed. You can also find me on Linked In.

Chris Dreger


Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Beer Paintings


I strive to push the color relationships into a dynamic balance and resonance

Stop Motion @ CCC

Clackamas Community College Stop Motion

CCC DMC109 - Stop Motion