Local Portraits NW

Curated by Chris Dreger, Artist & Instructor

The Alexander Gallery
Clackamas Community College, Oregon City

Exhibition Dates: November 6 - December 9, 2017

Artist Reception: Wednesday, November 8, noon - 1:30 pm.

Reception will include a short talk at 1pm by Chris Dreger about the show, the artists, and portraiture.

OREGON CITY, OR – October 3, 2017 – The Alexander Gallery at Clackamas Community College is excited to announce an invitational art exhibit of current portraiture by 16 Northwest artists.

The artists were chosen for their interest and creation of portraits of real people, and were invited to show one or two portraits of people the artists know personally.

The artists will exhibit work in media including paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, multimedia, and digital video projection.

The artists, all living and working in Oregon and Washington, are Storm Tharp, Susie J Lee, Buddy Bunting, Chris Dreger, Jason Jones, Smith Eliot, Thomas Wasson, David Andersen, Jeremy Davis, Sasa Miljevich, Senada Milijevich, Robert Petersen, David Slader, Michael Hoeye, Reed Clarke, and Timothy Peitsch,

The last two of this show's artists (Reed Clarke, and Timothy Peitsch) are represented in Astoria by the Imogen Gallery, which is also hosting their annual portrait show in November.

Exhibit Mission:

Portraiture is one of the oldest forms of representational art, and one of the most important for the human desires of communication, expression, documentation and immortality.

A person's image contains not just visual information, but a presence created by a personality- a flesh and bones being fashioned by genetics, environment, other people, and the choices, chances and attitudes of a lifetime.

By focusing in on a specific little know human, an artist can tap into a universal stream of humanity. The hyper-localized portrait can often become a piece that speaks to many.

Visitor Information

The Alexander Gallery is located in the Niemeyer Center at Clackamas Community College's main campus in Oregon City, at 19600 Molalla Avenue, Oregon City, OR 97045

The Gallery is open Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Admission is free.

For further information on this exhibit, contact Chris Dreger at 503-593-0909 or at chris@chrisdreger.com or cdreger@clackamas.edu.

For further information on the gallery please contact Kate Simmons at 503-594-3032 or kates@clackamas.edu.

About Curator Chris Dreger:

Chris Dreger has taught drawing, painting, and digital art classes at Clackamas Community College for over 16 years, and teaches video compositing and visual effects at Portland Community College. Portraits have remained a common subject in his work throughout his life.

"Portraiture has a particular place in art history as a utilitarian form of recording a likeness, a utility long since replaced by the camera. Portraits can now be free to explore more than the visual capture of a moment, to include a greater vocabulary of image and being. I am particularly inspired by portraiture that explores different approaches to creating artwork based on or inspired by a specific person."

Contact Information:
Chris Dreger
Email Address: chris@chrisdreger.com, Christopher.dreger@gmail.com, cdreger@clackamas.edu,
Telephone: 503-593-0909


**images shown: Buddy Bunting and Storm Tharp