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Of the Pacific Northwest - Oregon and Washington

Beacon Rock, Washington looking up from the Columbia River

Beacon Rock, Washington

Landscapes Painting

Flowers late summer in Oregon

Oregon Flowers Late Summer

Landscape Painting

Haystack Rock Cannon Beach, Oregon looking from the North

Cannon Beach, OR Haystack Rock from the North

Landscape Painting

Willamette Falls Oregon City 2019 before the work on the water falls

Willamette Falls Oregon City 2019

Landscape Painting

Sunflowers late summer Portland, Oregon

Sunflower Portland, Oregon

Landscape Painting

View down Harold Street toward Oregon City

View down Harold Street toward Oregon City

Landscape Painting


Inspired by Pacific Northwest microbrews and Portland's wonderful pub culture...everything in the world in a glass of beer.

Eliptical Orbital IPA

Eliptical Orbital IPA

Beer Painting

Base Camp Blood Orange DIPA

Base Camp Blood Orange DIPA

Beer Painting

Proletariat Red

Proletariat Red

Beer Painting

In my digital studio / Blog space you can see some of my past portrait paintings as well as some other recent paintings.


This summer I've been painting in oils and acrylic the Oregon light and landscape features from my own street in Oak Grove to the grandeur of the Willamette Falls and the Oregon coast ocean. I decided to use the season and the location and colors of Oregon to inspire my painting. I was taught color by one of the original Bay Area Figurative Painters, James Weeks, and painting the colors of Oregon is a great way to explore the area and the tradition of painting in the west.

In the recent past I have focused on portraits and still lifes.

In the Portland area, we celebrate a renewed craft spirit of food, chocolate, ale, technology, filmmaking, publishing, storytelling, animation, and fine art.  These lifestyle elements populate my painting and provide a staging for space and color interactions only possible with paint. I strive to push the color relationships into a dynamic balance and resonance which are experienced in certain natural settings, where colored light is pronounced.

The lens of my painting looks through the current art and business trends of Portland and of my life here, especially the concepts and characters of stop-motion animation, the techniques and realities of advertising and digital communications, and the pervasive use of brand identity and product placement. Currently, these are some of the vehicles, structures, and architecture, where the space and color reality I am fascinated with can be explored.

Portrait painting was one of my first interests in painting, and I continue to paint portraits, and curated an invitational portrait show at The Alexander Gallery at Clackamas Community College in the fall of 2017. This was a unique opportunity to see how some modern NW artists interpret the subject of portraiture, to inspire each other, and to exhibit to the public a hyper localized yet universal and global form of art; the personal portrait.

Portraiture is one of the oldest forms of representational art, and one of the most important for the human desires of communication, expression, documentation and immortality.

A person's image contains not just visual information, but a presence created by a personality- a flesh and bones body fashioned by genetics, environment, other people, and the choices, chances and attitudes of a lifetime.

By focusing in on a specific human, an artist can tap into a universal stream of humanity and commonality.

Painting Exhibits Include

2019 Pauling Gallery – Oregon Landscapes, Clackamas Community College Oregon City, OR

2018 EcoPDX Gallery – Beer Paintings, Portland OR

2017 Alexander Gallery, Clackamas Community College, Local Portraits NW, Oregon City OR

2017 McNalley Taproom – Beer Paintings, Hillsboro OR

2016 Pauling Gallery – Old and New Portraits, Clackamas Community College Oregon City, OR

2015 Pauling Gallery – Art Meets Craft, Clackamas Community College Oregon City, OR

2015 Clackamas Community Arts Alliance, Gladstone, OR

2014 808 Gallery, Boston University - Convergence: School of Visual Arts 60th Anniversary Alumni Exhibition, Boston MA

2014 Shaffer Fine Art Gallery – Craft Beer Art, Portland OR

2014 Alexander Fine Art Gallery Clackamas Community College, Oregon

2004 Pixel Revolution - (Digital Art Exhibit) Visual Arts Center Gallery, Mt. Hood CC, Gresham, OR

2001 Groundswell Gallery, Portland, OR

2000 LoadStar International Gallery, Portland, OR

1999 Brooklyn Art Walk, Portland, OR

1998 Aztec St. Gallery. Santa Fe, NM

1998 Aztec St. Gallery. Santa Fe, NM

1997 Fin Gallery/ Ultra Studios. Santa Fe, NM

1996 Synchronicity Space. New York, NY

1995-96 Madrid Folk/Fine Art Gallery. Madrid, NM

1994 Humana Gallery. Madrid, NM

1992 The Gallery at the Rep. Santa Fe, NM

1991 Stables Art Center/Taos Art Association. Taos, NM

1990 Synchronicity Space. New York, NY

1989 The Emerging Collector. New York, NY

1988 Master's Thesis Exhibit, Boston University, Boston, MA